Monday, December 10, 2007

Crib Notes

Part of my job involves settling claims. Even the best moving companies break things now and again, and my job is to get it fixed/replaced for the customers in a timely manner. When they aren't complete lunatics this is usually pretty easy.
I spoke to a nice lady this morning who has a broken crib. She told me where she bought it and gave me a general idea of what it cost, and I went to that store's website to check it out and make sure that we're cutting her a check that will pay for replacement of the crib. God bless the internet.

I was searching for a closer photo of the broken mechanism she described so I could understand the damage better. (I may be a maven of furniture technology but I don't have any crib-dwellers in my house, so I can't say I've ever looked at one up close. ) I scrolled down and discovered that, just like, crib-purchasers can post little reviews and opinions.

The only thing is, it did scratch when our cat jumped onto the rail and
used her back claws to push off. That actually did not bother me so much, but it
may someone else. I just figure wood will scratch anyway and my baby will
probably do some damage when she is old enough to play in and around it.

Provided the rail-jumping cat doesn't have other ideas about this stupid baby who is apparently here to stay.

Once assembled, it is a beautiful crib. The honey oak color is very warm and
goes great with the Hawaiian themed nursery bedding.

Interesting choice. Winnie-the-Pooh in a grass skirt and coconut bra, then?

My step-mother decided to buy this for us since it was on our registry. Our son
is 5months old and we just put it up last night. It LOOKS great! I actually LOVE
IT! It did scratch easily, and it takes up a lot of room. Looks really expensive
and is well worth every penny.

So let's review. Its too big, it scratches easily, but it looks expensive, so its worth every penny. That you didn't pay. Oh, and way to be on top of assembling furniture before your kid's in kindergarten.

I loved the way it looked untill my son got his teeth and chewed the side rail
to pieces.

Perhaps the crib isn't the issue needing to be addressed here.

We really like this crib. Our son who is 4 1/2 months sleeps so well. The one
thing that I have a problem with are the sides. It is hard to get a mobile to
fit on the side of the crib. But I can live with that since my son enjoys his
crib so much. My husband and his dad put it together which was quite funny
to watch. Even though they are not the most gifted at putting things together
they got it done in about an hour. It does scratch easily, but you can
only see it if you're looking for it. Who's going to be looking with a lovely
little baby in it?

1) He's four and a half months old. You could get him to sleep in a dresser drawer on the socks.
2) Way to dis your husband and his dad in a public forum.
3) What if your child is homely? Will you then become scratch-obsessed?

The only complaint is that the instructions aren't that detailed, you kind of
have to use common sense for most of it. Not something you want to do when
building a crib for a newborn!

Yes, God forbid common sense should be any part of your child's life.
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Anonymous said...

"I loved the way it looked untill my son got his teeth and chewed the side rail to pieces."

I'm really quite concerned with this woman's child. Did she give birth to a hamster?

Jonny's Mommy said...

Wow...can I just say is scary who has children and are allowed to procreate. You know my idea -- certain people should have mandatory "fixes" so they can't have children. That'll solve some problems.

Dorky Dad said...

This is exactly why we put our baby in a sock drawer. He LOVED it! Slept like a baby. And since he was a beautiful baby, nobody bothered to look at the sock drawer!