Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Resistance Was Indeed Futile

Argh. I held out as long as I could.
When people told me about Pinterest, I had two reactions. One was "Ooooo!" the other one was "DON'T GO THERE." Because I knew it would be a feast for the short attention span, a diversion ditch into which free time would pour like Spring-melting snowpack. Since I already spend a questionable amount of time monitoring the doings of 400 or so friends on Facebook in the course of the day I didn't need another diversion. Then Trish at Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity suggested that Pinterest might actually be used for a completely reasonable, useful purpose. So I caved.
The challenge is simple: choose some items you've pinned, and execute them in your own life. If its a recipe, cook it. Organizational ideas? Implement them. Anything that struck your fancy as something you'd like to do, do it. There are three levels to the challenge, and I have opted to shoot for the highest level, which is implementing 8 or more pins. (Details of the challenge can be found at the link to Trish's blog above. Join in!)

I am also doing this as part of a larger effort here at the Robinson homestead. I got the itch this winter to do a real harrowing out of 'stuff' and a reorganization of our home, on a level that has not been attempted since we moved here in October of 2005. It was time to pitch some things we were tripping over and tired of looking at, and reclaim spaces that had become cluttered and unusable. So far approximately three carloads of things have been sold, given away, discarded, or donated. We have a bit more to go, and that is phase one of a general redecorating effort. I'm relying on Pinterest to help with some of that since I've primarily been decorating by the 'arrange stuff people gave you in the same room' method.

My first 'Done Pin' was Brown Sugar Crockpot Chicken from the fantastic A Year of Slow Cooking blog, pretty much the only crockpot cookbook you'd ever need. It was very good and I will definitely make it again, since himself ate most of it and loved it. I'll be posting here through the month with some other 'Done Pins' as well as some thoughts on cleaning house and letting go of 'stuff' both internal and external.