Thursday, September 30, 2010

Moderate Excess, Volume Three

What, did you think we were done? Oh my goodness no. We are done with the makeup, yes, but knowing as you do about my color issues, you must have guessed that the compulsion to have every color extends in other directions. Like this one.
This, my friends, is the kind of pencil/pen case you come home with if you shop at Walmart at odd hours of a Saturday morning. This item came home with me on the ill-fated bra buying trip.
I was stumbling around the office supply aisles and all the school stuff was out and suddenly the though streaked across my under-rested brain like a late breaking dementia: IMMA GET A PENCIL CASE!!!!
There were lots of sedate options; burgundy. Olive green. Even the ones with kittens looked less like they fell out of a young Ken Kesey's backpack. But I had to have this one. So have it I did. And here's whats inside.

We have Magnatank gel pens in red, blue, green, purple, and black. Papermate bold points in red and black, Dixon Tri-conderogas (on account of they are triangular, yo) and their special sharpener, two clicky pencils, some colored pencils, old school Bics (the lenders in my pencil case; these go to shady pen borrowers who may/may not return), some more gel pens, couple of Zebra Sarasas which are the best gel pens ever and come in maroon and forest green and other colors that make me want to weep with their perfection, two Pilot Varsity fountain pens that are grudgingly acceptable replacements for my cracked, old Parker fountain pen that the soulless bastards at Parker stopped making, more Papermate bold points, and various 3m Tape Flags and Tabs because you never know when you might run across something that begs to be tabbed and color coded and you NEED TO BE READY.

There was a time when this kind of pen stash was completely reasonable. I wrote letters. I had international pen friends. I wrote letters of encouragement in painstakingly transcribed Russian to prisoners for Amnesty International. I journalled, which is apparently what all of us did before we had this fabulous medium of self indulgence and confession.

These days, my commitment to the epistolary arts has not departed altogether but it is seriously diminished. I still journal, because there is some mental floss that simply does not require its icky bits to be flung into public scrutiny, whether it be an attack of preciousness or unassailable darkness. BUT BUT BUT....I NEED pens. I just need them. I still have to write checks and fill out ambulance paperwork and write more checks for the ambulance association and take notes in classes and carefully write appointments into my schedule book and sign birthday cards with a flourish. I need to leave notes to feed the cat and jot witticisms on bulletin boards. I need to scrawl "You, sir, are a selfish bastard" on a post-it and slap it on the driver's side window of a car parked across the last two parking spaces. (Do I carry post-its in my purse for this and similar purposes? Hells to the yes. )

But in the end, most of the pleasure just comes from spreading them out and looking at them.
I like to think it comes from a deeply seated need to see, feel, taste and experience LIFE.
In all the colors.


Unfinished Rambler said...

I, of course, can't touch these...

I guess I'm not enough of an "epistolaric artist" :).

Shieldmaiden96 said...

YOU can't touch them because you use pens and cast them aside. I'm forever rescuing them from the floor, from the couch, from the washer, in your pockets.....should you prove yourself worthy of a Sarasa I will GIVE you a Sarasa, but I need to know that you have the dedication to use a pen until its empty. Pens should not be 'lost'. This is unacceptable.

NYEMT said...

I've become partial to Papermate G2' the extent that I actually started buying them a few weeks ago. And up to then I had never bought a pen. That's right - NEVER. BOUGHT. A. PEN. I wrote with the pens I found on the trains, of which there were a plethora. Then I found a G2, and my life changed. I actually went and BOUGHT a package of them at CVS. Then I found out they make them in a finer point, which I rather like. So from now on I must hie myself to Office Depot to find some obscure variety of pen that I'd never heard of before. I hope you're happy.

JD at I Do Things said...

Your argument with Himself over the pens reminds me of my ongoing pen battle with Dave. I regularly leave pens uncapped (it's so much more convenient!), and this drives him crazy. He buys a single, nice "Dave" pen and keeps it on top of the window ledge in the office, where neither I nor the cats can get it. One time, tho, he accidentally left his special Dave pen sitting on the desk, so I stole it and put it in the Ziploc bag containing his lunchmeat. Ah. Good times.

Jocelyn said...

I find the office supply obsession--under which a pen addiction falls--to be as compelling as a shoe and bag addiction.

You are in good company.