Sunday, September 26, 2010

Acceptance in Words AND Action

Its so easy, and more than a little fun, to sit here at this computer and write my little fingers off talking about size acceptance, empowerment, and refusing to belittle and degrade yourself even in jest. Its even sometimes not all that hard to say the 'F' word in public and ignore the barely disguised flinch of others when you do. But the critical voice never goes away. She bides her time and waits for that breach in the wall, that weak spot of self-condemnation that might be overlooked for a while but will pop up and surprise you.

I was uploading some photos to Facebook last night, and I reflexively hesitated at one of myself. I found myself thinking, oh, you can see how fat my legs are in that picture. Uh huh. So? I'm on standby as an EMT. I'm trained to use everything in that truck. I know what to do if someone passes out, if one of the football players gets dropped on his head, breaks an ankle, if there's a diabetic emergency, a cardiac emergency, a seizure. But I looked at that picture and thought to myself, if I put that up people can see that I'm fat.


There. Worlds did not end. Civilizations did not fall. And its really kind of liberating to say "This is me" in words AND pictures.


Kristen said...

Good to hear from you again. You are lovely, and please don't ever think otherwise. Your sense of humor, your pride in your work and the fact that you probably drive a lot (that paramedic tan, lol - my stepdaughter's mom is a medic and has one too) are what jump out at me from this picture. Thanks for sharing it. :)

Lin said...

Oh. My. Gosh! Is that all you see in this photo???! Why, as women, do we do that to ourselves??? Look at what you do! Look how smart and caring you are! Look at what a great writer you are too! Sheesh. AND you are beautiful on top of it! Beauty isn't a size--it is the smile on your face and the attitude you wear.

I hate that we spend our entire lives worrying about who we aren't or what we can't wear. I say buy purse--they ALWAYS fit! ;)

Hugs, my friend.

Jaffer said...

Hello again ! :-)

And thank you !