Monday, October 08, 2007

Well, after a brief period of distraction, we've done it again; cast off the moorings and freed ourselves from the monolith of banal that commands a corner of our living room.

I guess you could say we didn't KILL it, we simply disconnected its feeding tube. Direct TV has been disconnected, as well as the phone line it required to update the DVR. A savings of, on average, $105 per month. We still have very modestly-priced Netflix, and we can watch what we want when we want without feeling like we're being held under by a torrent of 'entertainment' that isn't worth much.

When we did this before, I read more, I listened to more music, I wrote more. We talked. We ate at the dinner table. I'm looking forward to all those things again, especially considering the fine company I am in for those activities.

If it seems like a scary or impossible task; try this. Shut it off for one night. If you have an entertainment center with doors on it, close them. Pull a game out of the closet. A pack of cards. An album you haven't listened to in a long time. Take a deep breath and LOOK at each other.


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