Thursday, September 08, 2005

And So, it Begins

Well, people keep telling me I need to write something that everyone can see documenting our move. We're loading up the truck and a' movin' to 'Someplace that's Green', in this case, very, very green. I've been a peripheral Philly area dweller my entire life, and I'm moving to the land of Agway and gun racks. This'll be the place to go for updates, musing, and amusement that is our life.


Bryan Robinson said...

Actually we're not moving. You're moving, babe. I'm already here in BFE, as you put it, or the land of Agway and gun racks. Your hubby, Bryan

twistedme said...

Ugh. I hate this. I love this.
I love that you and Bryan are having this life together. Hating it's farther from me. Hating the time you both were here and we didn't do more. I always thought that there was plenty of time.
There wasn't. There isn't.

Loss can do that. It can make you understand what you had.
I mean, life can't be all rootbeer floats, right?