Monday, August 03, 2015


        Repetition makes the master. - Don Miguel Ruiz, 'The Four Agreements'

Let me tell you how it happens sometimes.

You start in a place of desperation. You know something has to change. You get inspired. You make decisions. You make changes. You get results. You have success. You get noticed and praised. You get cocky. You get careless. You think you can get away with stuff you can't actually get away with without concrete consequences.  You start going backwards. You panic, but not enough to stop old habits. You get distracted. You flame out for a while. And while you do, you stoke embers of really useful things, like regret and self loathing. It does not feel awesome.

And one day, sometimes, you hear something simple that makes sense. And you realize that you can pick up where you left off with a minimum of drama. In my case, it was simply this: "Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it, Establish your priorities, and go to work" . A friend put this up as a Facebook status a few days ago. And I realized something. I have wasted SO much energy wrapping my personal goals in a thick blanket of emotion. I've indulged in morose contemplation of past failures, of backtracking and time wasted, all the while wasting more time and making everything much, much harder than it needs to be. 

In the end, there is one useful course of action, and it is simply this. Plan and execute. Decide what I want, decide what the steps are to get what I want, take the steps. Find people who will kick you in the right direction if you get off course. Listen to them. I consider myself lucky because I found a community in DDP Yoga that is wall to wall with people who have overcome limitations I can't even imagine to improve their lives and health. This is a no BS no excuses community. I'm thankful to be a part of it. 

In the spirit of that community, without apology or excuse, I am back on track, back on task, and doing what needs to be done one day at a time.


DA in EP said...

DDP as in Diamond Dallas Page?

Shieldmaiden96 said...

DA: The very same. He's done more for me in a year than I can begin to explain. I've never really followed wrestling like you have, but my experience of him as a person who cares about helping people get their health in order is that he is a tremendous human being.

Jocelyn said...

I continue to live through this cycle, and I applaud every person who takes stock and says, "Not on my watch."

Signed, Someone Who Needs to Say, Once Again, I'm on Watch